Free Gas Day Statement

It was an exciting morning for Wellspring Church and Toms River as we serviced about 250 cars with free gasoline! Our mission is to ignite a craving for Jesus by relentlessly loving our community. Our relentless love is what pushed us to extend our initial budget for this event from $5,000 to $6,633! Fueling began at 9am as promised and we ended the event having pumped 2,900 gallons of gas. Anticipating long waits, we provided guests with snacks, water, coffee, windshield cleaning, and air fresheners. Thank you for allowing us to show you kindness in this manner. While we didn't have the resources to provide for each person who wished to attend we are planning future community kindness events and have plans to continue to love this community.

Big shout out to Cafe Enigma, Holiday Service Center, and B98.5 for partnering with us in this event. You're invited to join us Sunday March 5th at the Intermediate East School at 10am for our Grand Opening. To learn more and stay up to date on our future community kindness acts follow us on Facebook and click here

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GRAND OPENING on Sunday, March 5, 2017!

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