Heal Our Land (Worship DEVO)

The year 2020 will be known for all eternity as a year full of chaos and utter pandemonium as a result of the unfortunate coronavirus.  However, we have the opportunity to remember the peace only God can bring through His love.  Worship throughout churches all over the world has looked incredibly different over the past month.  Church buildings have been emptied out and Satan has probably thought he was making progress.  The church spreads outside of the building and it is evident in the way we worship our One true Creator.  Worship does not have to just be something we do on Sunday mornings when we’re surrounded by our friends and family members in the church building.  Worship is something that happens in our hearts, with the help of the Holy Spirit, giving everything, we have to our God. 

"Right now, we need God more than ever to heal our land." 

At Wellspring Church, we sing a song called Heal Our Land.  Right now, we need God more than ever to heal our land.  In 2 Chronicles, chapter 7 verse 14 God says, “if my people who are called by my name humbles themselves, and pray and seek my face and turned from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  We as children of God are called by name and God commands us to humble ourselves, pray and seek His face.  How can we do that? Simply open our hearts and our Bibles; learn from Him and listen deeply.  Worship Him in the quietness of our own homes in the secret places where only our thoughts and prayers are heard.  I use the corner of my bedroom where I can sit alone and talk to God and listen to Him; humble myself before Him.  

The lyrics of Heal Our Land include: “Spirit of God// Breathe on Your church// Pour out Your presence// Speak through Your word// We pray in every nation, Christ be known// Our hope and salvation, Christ alone”.  This chorus is full of so much more than just words.  The Spirit of God breathes on his people giving us life and the ability to share His truth with others.  His presence is available to us because the Holy Spirit lives within us.  His truth becomes clearer as He speaks through the pages of the Bible and the Word He wrote.  As Christians our biggest desire is to see every single person in every nation come to know the true Jesus and have a relationship with Him.  We want to provide salvation and hope to each person in every nation.  We have the ability to do that without ever stepping foot in another church building, why, because the Holy Spirit is moving within us. 

I remember the first time I learned about the Holy Spirit.  I was 19 years old and living in a dorm at Montclair State University.  I walked to a friend’s dorm room to sit for a Bible study.  We were studying the beginning of the book of Acts.  Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come and while they were sitting in prayer the Holy Spirit comes crashing through the windows and doors and causes everyone to be able to understand the teaching from the apostles.  At this point I was a Christian for about a month and I really was still soaking up all the knowledge I could.  It occurred to me the Holy Spirit was living inside me and I had the opportunity to help others around the world learn about who He was.  It was in this moment I prayed and God revealed I would be going on mission for Him, first to Miami, Florida and then Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  I didn’t know Spanish, but God used my trust in Him to bring translators and other helpful tools and I saw people learn about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit first hand in their own tongue, just like in Acts.  It was beautiful.  

Wellspring Church, do not be afraid of where the Holy Spirit can take you.  Whether it’s to your neighbor’s house or across the globe.  If you are listening to Him, humbling yourself before Him, and seeking His face and presence through prayer; He will use you to do immeasurably more.  

Written by Courtney DelRosario

Worship Team volunteer

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