Meet the Voinskis!

I am excited to introduce you to the next couple of our Core Team; the Voinskis. The goal of these blog post is to introduce our team to the general public. Allow you all to simply get to know these couples as we prepare to launch the church. The Voinski's are a valuable asset to the team. I hope you enjoy getting to know them! 

Why did you join Wellspring?

Our story about how or why we joined Wellspring started in two different places. From day one of hearing Bayside Chapel and Pastor Jason speak about a Toms River church plant, Jon was on board. He loved the vision and felt confident that we are called to go out, get uncomfortable, and reach new people for Christ. Meanwhile, I was comfortable where I was. It wasn't until God made it very clear to me in a time of prayer that this was the direction he had for me. I was able to see how much God had prepared and taught Jon and me over our last eight years in ministry. I knew at that moment that our family was called to be a part of this church.

What excites you about the movement?

The idea of reaching a whole new area of Ocean County for the kingdom of God is exciting! We see Wellspring Church as a community that will do church differently. The community will be built by real relationships, by people who love Jesus and love all people, and by people who like to have a lot of fun. Thinking about how God can use this movement to transform the county seat of Ocean County, that's exciting.

What are your hobbies and passions?

Jon and I love new food experiences. If going out to eat is a hobby then it's our number one. Whether it's a food truck or white linen table, we're game. Our love for music and performing arts is what brought us together and allows us to serve in the church together on the Worship Team. This same passion is what tends to turn our home into a living musical with frequent kitchen dancing. Oh, it's totally a thing.

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