See A Victory (Worship DEVO)

"I can do all things through him who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13 NIV

In the beginning of this pandemic, I was living in a dark time like everyone else. Lost my job. I couldn't go anywhere. No idea when I'd see my friends or my family again. No idea when I'd return to church. Had to file for unemployment which was a nightmare. I was a prisoner in my own body and house. Normal routines changed and brought doubt, fear, uncertainty, depression, anxiety...You name it. I started losing myself and my faith.

Then one day after praying for help, I heard a voice that told me to go run. "Just go out in the sun." So I did. I strapped on a 20lb. weight vest and started running on a trail I haven't done since high school. 

Just me, my thoughts and God. 

I wanted to give up so bad. I wanted to stop and walk. Everything hurt. But I never did. Metaphorically speaking, I felt the vest was a symbol of all the sin I've carried with me throughout the years. The regrets I hid away. The anger. The fear. The shame. The darkness. But I wasn't alone back then or even now. God was ALWAYS with me through everything. I was just too stubborn to listen. My mentality on my run changed from "I can't finish" into "I can finish." My "I won't finish" turned into "I will finish." And that is the same mentality I needed to change for my journey with God.

"Gonna worship my way through this battle, Gonna worship my way through..."

I prayed out there on the trail. Repented. I listened to the birds chirping and the animals running. The sounds of the lake. The wind hitting my face. I took in everything God has given me, what He has shown me through all these years. What He taught me, what he gifted me with. "Serenity." That's the word to describe how I felt. I felt peace within. I reflected on how far I've come in life and how far in faith I have grown. And by the end of that run I felt a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders...literally and metaphorically.

"You take what the enemy meant for evil

And You turn it for good..."

Forgive yourself. Let go. You are not worthless. God gave you a purpose. Believe in God and His path for you. With God you are stronger than you think. With God you are braver than you think. 

The Devil is working hard to break us apart from God during this time of isolation. Satan is trying his hardest to destroy any and all faith we have within. He wants us to turn to temptation. He wants us to dwell in the darkness. We need to rise above temptation, the darkness, the fear, the doubt, all the obstacles Satan outs upon our shoulders to drive us away from God.

We are currently in this "pause" stage of life. Everything we knew has changed. We are not used to what this new normal is. But today is a new day. A perfect time to self reflect, to change, to detox.

Strive for Jesus. Figure out your talent and skills He has given you and apply it to the world around you. Love yourself. Faults and all. And more importantly, never stop praying, never stop believing. Never give up on Him.

Never stop running towards Him. Because He never stops running towards you.

Together, you will see a victory.

Written by Matthew Vlossak

Worship Team volunteer

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