How to use the SOAP Bible Study Method

The SOAP Bible study method is easy to follow, easy to trim down to available time, and includes the life-changing piece of applying the Word to your life. Each letter in “SOAP” stands for one step of the process: Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

Step 1: What passage of Scripture you will be studying

  • Stick to a plan
  • Be intentional in your reading, not haphazard.
  • Read the passage several times in several different versions
  • Using a study Bible can be extremely helpful in learning the context of the verses you’re reading. Study bibles have important facts of who wrote the verse, the time period and culture of that time period and may also include the author’s (of the study) personal thoughts. It’s important to form your own thoughts and perspective first and then use the authors in addition to or to help gain a different perspective. 
  • Choose one to three verses that are particularly meaningful to you and write them out

Step 2: Observation - What does the passage say?

  • Who wrote this passage?
  • To whom is this passage written?
  • What is the message of these verses?
  • What words or phrases stand out to me?
  • Do these verses remind me of any other verses or passages of Scripture?
  • Was this written before or after Jesus lived? Before or after the resurrection?

Step 3: Application - How do I apply this to my life?

  • Ask “what is the Holy Spirit saying to me through this passage?” Think about your words, your behavior, your relationships, your job, your family. Nothing should be off-limits to the Holy Spirit. 
  • Ask yourself, “How should my life change because of what I’ve read and learned today?”
  • Focus on just one or two
  • Take note and write down those action steps 

Step 4: Prayer 

  • Pray for wisdom and a heart to learn
  • Pray over what you read today
  • Pray about the actions steps you’ve written down
  • Utilize a tool like the Acts Method. 

A.C.T.S Prayer Methond

  • Adoration: The first element of prayer should be adoration, or praise. Tell God what you adore about Him and His character. 
  • Confession: We all fall short of God’s perfect character. Daily, as we reflect upon the previous day or the current day, we have room to confess sin to our perfect, forgiving and holy God. 
  • Thanks: Give thanks in all circumstances and at all times. It is important to take a moment to thank God as we reflect upon each of our days. Where is God showing you common grace and mercy in your day to day life? 
  • Supplication: Or said differently, petition. This is where we bring our requests to God. Here we bring Him our needs and the needs of others. This is where we Pray for One, praying by name for those that don’t know Jesus and for opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

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