Are You Taking The Challenge? January 21, 2017

This Week's Challenge

This weekend Pastor Jason tackled the topic of the Bible and its worth. We were reminded of the eternal worth of the Bible because of it's offer of hope, growth, and completion. As people who love Jesus, do we value the book that is intended to show us who He is?

How can we take one step forward in this direction? This week let's read through the book of John. While you read a few chapters a day take a moment to ask questions about what you've read. Ask God to show himself to you through the Scripture.

John Reading Plan

  • Monday [chapters 1-3]
  • Tuesday [chapters 4-6]
  • Wednesday [chapters 7-9]
  • Thursday [chapters 10-12]
  • Friday [chapters 13-15]
  • Saturday [chapters 16-18]
  • Sunday [chapters 19-21]

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