2022-2032 Vision

Who is Wellspring Church? This is not a quest to become who we want to be, it is a quest to become who God wants us to be. God is doing meaningful work, and we have prayerful hope that He will continue to do so.  It is time to continue towards the horizon of our future. 


A “Wellspring” is an original and bountiful source of life. Jesus is the Wellspring of life. So to answer our initial question: Wellspring is a gathering of believers committed to the name and fame of Jesus, the true source of life. 


Our mission, anchored in the Great Commission, is stated this way, “We exist to ignite a craving for Jesus Christ by relentlessly loving our community.” This describes who we are. We want to see followers who have such a craving for Jesus they cannot help but to love their fellow man. 


Our vision describes what we believe God wants us to become in the future. In the years ahead we envision our mission being fulfilled by passionate followers of Jesus building passionate churches!


How are we pursuing the future in the present? Through kindness, campuses and church plants!

Here are four initiatives that we have ten years to accomplish:

4 Campuses 

We will launch four campuses around Ocean County in ten years. This will require us to continually raise up leaders and teams. These will be venues of 100-200 people. Think of a megachurch gathering consisting of a mega movement of congregations. 

3 International Church Plants 

We will help launch three international church plants in ten years in Brazil. This will require us to send teams to help show kindness and leaders to help train. Southern Brazil is considered “unreached” with less than 3% confessing faith in Jesus. These churches will help reach their community with the message of Jesus!

2 Local Church Plants

Wellspring was launched with a vision from Bayside Chapel to plant churches “up and down the Garden State Parkway.” We will continue that vision by joining a local collaboration of churches to do just that. We’ll work together to start two new churches in Ocean County in ten years.

1 Hope Center 

Toms River is a hub of activity impacting not only Toms River but the county as a whole. This is where we will build a “Hope Center.” This will be a place for those down and out to receive the love of Jesus through kindness like car repair, financial support, groceries, clothing, etc. We’ll build one Hope Center in ten years. 

So What Now?

I hear what you are saying. Who, me? Ya, you! You are here because you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You are here because this is not my church, your church, or their church. THIS IS OUR CHURCH. (And Mr. Theological, yes I know this is Christ’s church, the point is He, our Lord and Savior has entrusted us with this mission. I’m simply saying, I know you are not one to sit on the sidelines and you are ready to be in the ‘starting lineup!’) 


So here are two ways you can jump in RIGHT NOW! 



First, why can’t we be a dispenser of hope now? Why do we have to wait for a Hope Center? Isn’t this already ingrained in us? Haven’t we already given out over $15,000 in gas? Haven’t we already given out around 150,000 diapers to people in our community? This holiday season we are raising money to give out $50 ShopRite gifts to people. Remember that diaper drive-thru we did? We are doing the same thing with ShopRite gift cards. The partners of Wellspring have already approved $10,000 from the large gift we received over the summer. I am challenging Wellspring, ahead of the giveaway in December, to raise an additional $5,000. Will you prayerfully consider giving to this cause? Donate below...


Secondly, I need to see who is with us for each initiative. We need to begin building prayer teams, leadership teams, and so on. Sam Pinkava said it best, “If everyone at Wellspring picks just one thing to focus on, this will be easy!” Can you fill out this form? We're just interested to see which initiative intrigues you, and why it intrigues you! Seriously that is it. So, could you please fill it out now?! 

We exist to ignite a craving for Jesus Christ by relentlessly loving our community.