Well Youth at Wellspring Church

Every Tuesday Night

6-8pm Middle School // 7-9pm High School 

Location: 36 Washington St, Toms River

Well Youth, as a part of Wellspring Church, exists to ignite a craving for Jesus (in the lives of teenagers in Toms River and the surrounding area) by relentlessly loving our community. 

Well Youth meets weekly at our Wellspring Church. We will also plan out monthly events where teens can have fun and get to know each other. 

Well Youth enables teens to grow personally and spiritually alongside their peers with the help of caring adults. 

All leaders are background and reference checked to ensure the safety of our teens. 

We look forward to meeting any and all parents and teens! Come check us out sometime!

Check out our official Instagram @njwellyouth 

FUSE with Well Youth

You're INVITED to FUSE, a brand new FREE event with Well Youth! Teens are invited out 4 times a year, 6:30PM-8PM for Pizza, Crazy Group Games, Fun Activities, LIVE DJ, Worship and Well Youth Leader testimonies! Stay tuned on our Instagram @njwellyouth for dates.


Invite your friends and don't miss it!

Well Youth Leadership

Jordan Arce, Well Youth Lead


What Makes You Laugh?

I laugh at a lot of things but especially when people fall. I always get a big chuckle from a big tumble. 


What Makes You Cry?

I cry in just about every movie with a sad scene, including dumbo when the momma elephant gets locked up.  

We exist to ignite a craving for Jesus by relentlessly loving our youth community!